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Trophy Brook Trout fishing
in Quebec, Newfoundland,
British Columbia & Ontario Canada

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Is it your desire to go after that big brook trout?

Or how about that remote lodge, fishing with guides who know how to catch them.

Some brook trout can be up to 8 pounds.

Or finally how about an award winning resort with top notch chefs on staff to fulfill your culinary desires?

Then you have found the right site!

What makes us different?

Instead of only providing information on 1 particular Lodge or Region of Canada we can provide your dream fishing vacation for ALL regions of Canada. If you are looking for a particular fish, price range, region of Canada let us find YOUR true dream vacation. The more information you provide us the easier it is to find you exactly what you are looking for.
It has always been our philosophy for you to talk to the outfitter. Get a feel for the operation not some slick marketing plan

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Trophy Canadian Trout Fishing vacations
many offer hunting options

SE. British Columbia, BC Outfitter #4,

Offering fishing options for: rainbows; cutthroats; bull trout; kokanee salmon in Southern British Columbia in the Kootenay region.

We are the exclusive outfitter in a territory encompassing approx. 600 sq. miles of pristine mountain terrain. A signigicant area of our territory is in a restricted non-motorized part of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy. We restrict our trips to a max. 6 guests at a time.

If choice of fishing options interests you then have a good look at these options:

Early Spring: try ice fishing for a day at a montain lake, then 2 days on Kootenay Lake for big Gerrard rainbows (20 lbs +) and bull trouts (15 +), and a day on Arrow lake and the Columbia River for kokanee salmon and rainbows.

Summer season (July - Sept.) could be comprised of float tube fly fishing for Columbia River rainbows (3-10 lbs); pristine river fly fishing for native cutthroat, heli-fishing alpine lakes for rainbows and cutts, and drifting for Columbia River walleyes (3-10).

Prices will be per person per day and vary between $300 and $500, depending on the type of fishing and gear/boats/tackle required.

Have you ever dreamed of fishing a mountain top in the morning casting for cutthroat and by the end of the day you are casting from a boat reeling in the six pound walleyes? If this sounds exciting then let us create your dream!

We also offer hunting options for: Elk; Moose; Grizzly and Black bear; Whitetail & Mule Deer; Mountain Goat; Cougar in Southern British Columbia. click here for full hunting options

Labrador Outfitter #10

The fishing

Nestled adjacent to the Mealey Mountains some 60 miles from Goose Bay, Labrador, the majestic waters of the world famous Eagle River start their eastward journey to the Atlantic Ocean. Millions of years ago, this ecosystem was carved from the earth by the glaciers which pushed over the land. In their wake was left a huge watershed, which fed a mighty river. In this habitat was born a species of fish called Saluelinus Fontinalis or as we know it today the Eastern Brook Trout. These squaretail's abound and flourish in these waters

Our river system forms a considerable portion of the headwaters of the Eagle River. While all the water in this watershed is of a freestone type, limestone-like slicks are numerous, and they are a joy to the dry-fly fisherman. Within a short distance of camp, anglers can fish virtually any type of water they prefer. Whether it is smooth flowing slicks, chuckling riffles or swirling pools our angling areas offer the best of a freestone stream. Trout feed on stone flies, mayflies and caddis which abound and make-up the trout's main diet.

So, whether you wish to wade while fishing or fish from a boat, we offer all types of angling. Come experience the treasures of nature, which Labrador has to offer. For the adventuresome angler, there are even virgin waters still to explore in our fishing areas.

Please note that these native brook trout first appeared in our waters millions of years ago. We would like to see these magnificent fish exist for generations of anglers to come. therefore we practice a catch and release policy. However we have no problem if you would like to take that one fantastic fish home for mounting.

Eagle Lake's double A frame Lodge offers all aspects of home comfort for the angler. The Lodge has 6 double occupancy bedrooms, each complete with full bathroom facilities, including showers. Twenty-four hour electricity is offered and supplied by our own generating system.

Hearty home cooked meals are prepared by our locally trained cooks and served in the main lodges' dining room.

In the evening, relax around our old fashioned wood stove. Recount the day's exciting action or plan tomorrow's strategy. For those who enjoy the art of fly-tying, try our fly-tying bench and craft some of your best patterns. We try to ensure the maximum comfort for the guest while still retaining the warm atmosphere, camaraderie, and professionalism, which we feel you are looking for in your next fishing adventure.

From the time you arrive until the we say long for now, we will make every effort to make your fishing adventure as pleasurable as possible and produce memories to last a lifetime.

ontario lake trout fishing

Northern Woods Lodge, Terrace Bay Ontario

Northern Woods Lodge - the newest resort in Northwestern Ontario,

is an excellent choice for group fishing trips.

With over 20 years of experience hosting fishermen and hunters from many countries, we recognized the demand for a high quality, smaller resort that offers extraordinary service - so we built one. Our new resort offers our guests a remote, peaceful experience with all the amenities.

Imagine being one of the first anglers to this new resort in a new area with hundreds of miles of shoreline and dozens of lakes that have seldom been fished.

We are situated on a peninsula at the south end of Long Lake. We are accessible by vehicle, 36 miles north of Terrace Bay, Ontario on a well maintained forest access road. Float plane charter service from Thunder Bay, Ontario is also an option for our guests. During the construction of our new resort we just had to sneak away from time to time and try some fishing ourselves.

The fishing for northern pike, walleye, brook trout and lake trout is awesome.

ontario northern pike fishingontario northern pike fishing

We built the resort to accommodate only 24 guests to ensure top quality, personal service - but once we are full - we're full, so don't miss out on this opportunity. All first time guests will have first option to re-book for the following year. This is an excellent opportunity to secure a vacation destination for years to come.

For over 20 years we have been one of the top hunting Outfitters in Canada. We specialize in black bear and moose at our resort as well as trophy whitetail deer from our Dryden location.

Yes we offer trophy "wild" brook trout fishing!

For more information, please enjoy our website at

or call them at 807.937.6584 (winter) 613.482.8115 (summer)

or e-mail Northern Woods Lodge  :

Check out this great view of the lake
Check out this happy couple
Yes we offer ice fishing

Labrador/Nfld. Out. #1, Labrador

Experience the Ultimate in Eastern Brook Trout Fishing in one of Canada's Last Unspoiled Frontiers!

Crooks Lake Lodge is located 60 miles southeast of Goose Bay, Labrador on the Upper Eagle River Watershed. The lake is 5 miles long with rivers and streams full of Big "Brookies" that run between 3 and 8 pounds and some 7's. Large plentiful Northern Pike can run 20 lbs.

The camp is limited to 6 fishing guests per week.

Most fishing is done in the rivers and streams with dry fly equipment. Light spinning gear may be used, with barbless hooks. Boats and motors are supplied with one guide for every two fisherman. We follow a "catch and release policy". However, should you choose to retain one fish for mounting we will pack the fish suitably.

Here are some sample pictures of fish caught, some pictures are large so give them time to download

01   02  03   04
05   06  07   08

Our season starts mid June and ends late August. The camp is limited to 6 guests per week with an emphasis on personal attention. Our rate is $2,895 US American Plan.

Some of our hunting highlights: woodland caribou, moose, bear
Caribou picture.     Yes we can do combo hunts.

Quebec Out. #12, E. Quebec

Our territory is located on the Lower North Coast of the Province of Quebec. (the North shore of the St. Lawrence)

Fishing with us allows you to fish for an exceptional diversity of fishes: speckled trout; freshwater salmon; Quebec trout (char); sea trout; and from June 25th to August 10th the Atlantic salmon.

picture of the river

At the Musquanousse River, the sea trout ascend in the same time as the salmon. The record for these trout is 9.5 pounds but many 3 to 5 pounders are caught every day. As for the speckled trout and the freshwater salmon, they generally run 4 to 5 pounds with the largest char being 8 lbs last year. If you like a fight to land your fish these will give it to you. Several of our clients fought for 20 to 30 minutes to land their catch.

We limit our clients to a maximum of 8 guests in July, 10 in June, August and September. Guides (one per two anglers). Catch limits are 3 salmon/day, 7 for the week; 20 trout by day and 6 landlocked salmon (ouananiche). You will find our prices very affordable for your American plan trip.

fishing picture

Come enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere, the exceptional regional food and all the intact beauty of the Lower North Shore will see that your fishing trip on the Musquanousse River is an unforgettable experience.

"Quebec Out. #1" Northern Quebec

Miles and miles of wild nature, a roaring river, pools... and unbelievable salmon and trout - that is fishing with us.

1997 - 2000 were the first years for Alain Tardif operating his own Lodge. If there is a more respected outfitter in Quebec then Alain let us know. He has mutual respect from past clients as well as his fellow outfitter competitors.

Fishing Season: June to September 7th for most species; Atlantic Salmon go to Sept. 30

Our Guides: are experienced outdoorsmen. They will do everything in their power to help you catch the trophy salmon and trout of your dreams. Our guides are all serious fishermen, so they can share their knowledge about lures and the habits of the fish. Catch and release is encouraged. One trophy catch of each species can be kept.

Your Fishing Experience: How do you like to fish? Trolling, casting from shore, fly-fishing? We can help you enjoy your favorite technique and perhaps show you a few secrets about catching big fish.

7 Day Fishing Packages include: transportation from Montreal; accommodations; special jet drive boats; a float plane for trips to our more remote camps; fish boxes & packaging... Price $3150 CDN (approx $2250 US)

Caribou hunting highlights

Newfoundland Lodge #8

Newfoundland is guaranteed to kindle your adventurous spirit as much today as it did the Beothuk Indians who first lived here and the first visitors from across the sea in 1497.

Notre Dame Bay is where icebergs from the north meet whales migrating from the south.
Our Lodge is a unique lodge located right on the Notre Dame Bay. Designed with all the comforts of modern day.
feast on some of Newfoundland's delicious seafood dishes. We offer several different tours, these tours can be packagedtogether for family vacations, corporate and Executive trips.

Vacation package options:

SALMON FISHING The rivers that flow from the lakes and ponds offer the best Atlantic Salmon fishing in the province. Fishing is mainly done by wading, some rivers, canoes or motorboats can be used. The salmon fishing season begins on the third Saturday in June and ends on the last Saturday in Aug. The first three weeks of the season being the best time for fishing. Fly fishing only.

TROUT FISHING The central-northwestern part of NFLD. offers unspoiled wilderness with hundreds of lakes and ponds, with plenty of trout. Many of these lakes and ponds have seldom being fished in. Fishermen can fish from the shoreline, canoes, motorboats, or snowmobiles during ice fishing season. You can also fish around the mouths of the rivers for saltwater trout. Ice fishing season is from the first Sat. in March until the first Sat. in April, and trout fishing starts again the first Sat. in May to the last Sat. in Aug. May & June being the best time except ice fishing which is also a good time for fishing and snowmobiling through Nfld. wilderness. Bait & hook (spinner)

OCEAN FISHING depends on species in season. Ocean bass, flounder, cod, mackerel and herring.HOW TO GET HERE Gander Int. Airport is accessible from any city in N.A. Upon your arrival at Gander, we meet you and take you directly to our Lodge, a drive of one and a half hours. Nfld. is also accessible by ferry.

Black Bear Hunting options here

Moose hunting options here

ISLAND & TICKLE BOATCHARTERS: Photograph whales, icebergs, birds, fisherpersons at work, fishing community scenes, beautiful beaches, rugged coastline. Have a boil-up of lobster, crab, mussels, or some other seafood taken straightfrom the ocean and have your lunch on a deserted island.

SEA KAYAKING TOURS: The many Bays and Inlets provide an excellent environment for sea kayaking.

WILDERNESS NATURE TOURS: Hiking,mountain biking, canoeing, whitewater rafting and horseback riding & Explore Newfoundland forest, bogs, lakes, ponds, rivers, and coastline.
Examine many different types of trees, flowers, berries, and rocks. The perfect opportunity to photograph moose, black bear, foxes, rabbits, otters, mink, beavers and birds.

FISHING COMMUNITY SIGHTSEEING TOUR: Experience Newfoundland hospitality, culture, history, pony rides, aquaculture and visit the site where the world's largest squid came ashore.
Hike on paths made nearly 200 years ago, visit Leading Tickles marine protected area.

FISHING TOURS: Fisheither one of the nearby salmon rivers, fish for trout or brook trout in the many lakes and ponds.

WINTER TOURS: Experience Newfoundland's winter wonderland. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, Newfoundland pony sleigh rides and wildlife viewing.

Newfoundland Out. #9,

Awesome Lake is nestled beneath peaks of the second-highest mountain range in Labrador, the Mealy Mountains. Pockets of snow continually melt to feed the lake and 25-mile English River system throughout the summer. The clear, cool water helps maintain a stable environment to keep our brook trout active.

The serenity and natural beauty of the Labrador wilderness is accented by the calls of loons, sightings of caribou, dancing of Northern Lights, and breathtaking Labrador sunsets.

The resource is all Eastern "brookies" - in a pure trout environment

- which means no Northern Pike, no whitefish, indeed no other species. The system is inaccessible to other species due to a 20 foot vertical falls at thebase of English River, some 30 miles or so from our lake. And the sizes of these trout arefantastic. Specimens of five to six pounds are common, and guests have reported the catching and releasing of some trout exceeding 8 pounds. In the last several years,witnesses claim to have seen specimens that are at least aslarge as the present world record (14 pounds, eight ounces). Is itany wonder we call it "Awesome Lake"?

Angling is by "fly fishing only," withcatch-and-release of all but one trophy fish for your stay. Barbless hooks or flattened barbs are required. We have fished the site only sparingly, at various times of the short summer between "ice out" in mid-June to the first week of September, and the angling has always been successful for us.

We limit our clients to a maximum of 8 anglers per week. Guides (one per two anglers), accommodations, charter aircraft, and all meals included. 85-mile "fly-in" from Goose Bay, Labrador.

Your host Len Rich at Awesome Lake Lodge he is one of the best sources for information in the whole region.

Liddle's Fishing Adventures, N. Ontario

Miminiska Lodge

Miminiska Lodge is one of the premier fly-in, five-star All-Inclusive American Plan fishing lodges in Northern Canada.
Not only are the accommodation facilities, main lodge and marine equipment of superior quality, our staff will offer you the warmest of hospitality and service that you have ever experienced. Our large dining room offers our up to 36 guests hearty and delicious home cooked meals by our own chef, and our comfortable accommodation cottages provide all the warmth and amenities you'll require. First class all the way!

Guests can choose to fly into Miminiska from several locations including; Thunder Bay, and Nakina Ontario, as well as several cities in the Northern United States. The lodge is ideally located on Miminiska Lake, part of the famous Albany River system, flowing north to James and Hudson Bay. This is a walleye fisherman's dream come true. Miminiska Lake is dotted with islands and shoals providing perfect habitat for walleye where anglers can be always fishing new areas and still be catching fish all day long.

Please Visit With Us At Our Website:

Phone 1.800.AND. FISH

"It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!"

Newfoundland Out. #4

Shaw Lake in Western Labrador: "where the fishing can be as good as it ever gets." a world of clear running streams and rivers and sparkling blue lakes... of lush green forest and expanses of barren ground filled with the colors of nature.

Come enjoy fishing for: speckled brook trout; ouananiche (landlocked salmon); northern pike; and lake trout.

fishing picture

This lodge is accessible only by floatplane with the maximum number of guests at one time. We offer a seven night, six day package. Specializing in fly outs to surrounding lakes, rivers and streams for brook trout. Brook trout over 3 pounds and 6 and 7 pounders already registered and camp record yet to be set.

Labrador is, quite simply, what the world was like before man intruded. The trees stretch for millions of square miles of vast lakes and rivers that flow endlessly in all directions.

With a main lodge and several cabins for guests, the Lodge's fishing area stretches for 200 sq. miles in all directions.
While there's plenty of fishing for lakers, the real fun begins on the "fly-outs." Your plane arrives early to take you to remote sites for your fishing pleasure. The brook trout fishing is fantastic, but when you add the breathtaking scenery the journey is definitely worthwhile.

Our policy is tailored toward the guest. The Lodge isn't the Hotel Ritz, but first class treatment, including all the mouthwatering food you can eat, is the rule rather then the exception. They want to create memories that will last a lifetime for their guests.

fishing picture

You will enjoy your dream fishing experience with us.

Liddle's Fishing Adventures, N. Ontario

Makokibatan Lodge and Outpost Cabin

Makokibatan Lodge is a four-star, full service, deluxe All Inclusive American Plan fishing lodge with six separate log cabins, each accommodating up to 6 people. Your package includes all those little extras that make your stay most enjoyable. An 80-mile float plane ride is what separates you from the rest of civilization to the south. Taking off and landing on water is an unforgettable experience that completes a perfect Canadian wilderness adventure. It's a fishing vacation you'll remember for a lifetime.

And in addition, you'll be hard pressed to find better service and hospitality, or more delicious daily shore lunches with freshly caught walleye. Our chef provides our guests with hearty and delicious home cooked meals served in our spacious dining room overlooking the lake. First class all the way!

We can proudly state that Makokibatan Lodge offers some of Northern Ontario's best walleye and northern pike fishing. Not only can youexpect to catch large quantities of walleye, you'll be amazed at the number of trophy size walleye and monster pike that this lake harbors.

Please Visit With Us At Our Website:

Phone 1.800.AND.FISH

"It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!"

A 94k map of Canada for your reference

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Labrador Outfitter #10 Fishing only for brook trout, luxurious lodge
BC Lodge #4 Spectacular guided fishing in the Kootney region for: rainbows; cutthroat; kookanee salmon; walleye...
Quebec out. #1 great fishing in N. Quebec, also caribou hunts
Quebec Out #11 brook trout, fine dining, moose, bear, & deer, birds
Nfld. Out. #1, brook trout, n. pike and caribou/moose combos
Quebec Out. #12, E. Quebec sea trout, salmon combined with a great region

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